One day The Cars, Ramones, DEVO, and Suicide were all driving and ignoring all traffic laws only to simultaneously crash in the middle of a four way intersection. All four vehicles were instantly crushed due to the intensity of the impact. Out of the chaos crawled some sort of mutant hybrid thing. It called itself SEX MEX. It had synth leads that cut like a razor, guitar like a chainsaw, distorted organ bass, and drums that smelt of classic punk and NEU!

The idea for Sex Mex was born in early 2021 when Nathan Gray (drums and vocals) was experimenting with running keyboards through various pedals and amplifiers attempting to create something similar to the sound on Suicides 1977 debut. He recorded covers of various songs, but with the bass replaced by a distorted organ and not so subtle lead lines. He knew it would make for a good band, but the thought of putting together a band with weird instrumentation in the wake of COVID sounded unbelievably daunting. Instead he put together a simple garage rock group with his girlfriend Rebecca Moore (tambourine).

While playing various house shows and bars in San Antonio, Nathan met future keyboardist Matthew Colliflower. After he had shown up to every show over the course of a month, they began talking. When Nathan found out that Matthew had played the piano since childhood, he knew that it was time to move from really loud guitars to really loud keyboards.

2022 was a very confusing year for Sex Mex. They were trying to find their footing, but things weren’t really clicking. There was experimentation with drum machines, backing tracks fed into amplifiers, being a one man band, and just forgetting about guitar completely. While still energetic, Sex Mex shows were very inconsistent.

Sex Mex kicked off 2023 with the release of Dubble Bubble Blowout which was leaning more in the pop direction than the 2022 releases. It also coincided with the addition of Nicholas Devora on guitar. The sound of Sex Mex was finally fully realized. Sex Mex then got even poppier with the release of 2023’s “We’re a Happy Family” which got them the attention of European record labels who wanted to put out future releases on vinyl.

“San Antonio, TX’s SEX MEX are too punk to be pop, too pop to be punk, too late to be new wave, as they tell me. The first lines of this album are “sitting in my seat / who are these freaks?”, and that is exactly the emotion a first listen of this tape elicits. It’s additionally disturbing when you realize the tune is called “Electric Chair.” Keep it cooking, freaks.”

“If you like poppy punk rock with synths, We're a Happy Family is a must-buy.”